Friday, September 26, 2008

Iran Has a Republican Guard?

If you watched the Presidential debate tonight, one might think so. John McCain spoke about Iran's "Republican Guard" and brought up the Kyl-Lieberman amendment from 2007 to label the Republican Guard a terrorist organizaiton. Barack Obama took a cue from McCain and continued the discussion regarding the "Republican Guard." Someone needs to tell them the Republican Guard was Saddam's military. Iran has the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.


Brian Perez said...

And I was beginning to think that I was the only one that caught this. Glad to see that there are others out there who notice the details.

paul werbalowsky said...

This is my first post here and I thought McCain was incorrect with that comment also. In my hometown one conservative Republican has a blog commentary where he mocks the 'gaffes' of Joe Biden and other Democrats and where he refers to Congressman Hinchey as ‘comrade’ for his proposal to nationalize the gas refineries. When any mention is made to point out how the current financial rescue is similar to European socialism, he shuts up. Proliferation of weapons grade nuclear material is not good for anyone in that region since depleted uranium from reactors can still be used in weaponry as we presently use in our armaments.
Einstein once said, 'Killing under the cloak of war is still murder.' So with that thought from the father of the 'big one' in relation to shahid-determined ideologists in that cradle of civilization region, willing to sacrifice themselves within their own misconstrued interpretation of any holy Koran hadith, we surely cannot allow Iran to develop nuclear power unless they are in strict compliance with total oversight to the hilt, lest they violate the rest of the world and create the ultimate wmd that sets off the beginning of the end. We need to disArmageddon or disallow them from proceeding by using diplomacy to get an agreement.
From an economic standpoint if they are wise enough to switch to natural gas vehicles and choose to use nuclear power plants so they can sell more oil, that can be looked upon as good business acumen. I contend that oil is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. ‘Oiligarchy’-based-theocracies tend to muddle foreign affairs and they alienate many countries the same as suicide subterfuge attacks. Centrifuge-based origins of weaponry are no substitute for sanity nor should the few radical religionists get to carry out attacks. Those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for a shot at whatever concept they embrace to ensure them a spot in a ‘garden of heavenly delight’ with ‘eternal bliss’ or paradise [by the dash board light] in some airplane delivery system of an a-bomb are not true Muslims. Muhammad [PBUH] would never approve of those methods, the same way Jesus or Moses would cringe at current world conditions on this green? earth.
Scott Ritter said once that if we invade Iran, oil would reach $250/bbl. Surely our economy cannot long endure another senseless war. 'Sanctions speak softer than swords, they just take longer to kill the innocent' is the beginning line of one of my personal poems from 2003. The only real solution is diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy--not proffering democracy with one hand as we did to Iraq while holding the barrel of a gun in the other hand to steal oil rights there.