Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cyber-Feminism in Iran

Lucy Morillon has an excellent article on cyber-feminism in Iran that highlights the Campaign for Equality and the role of the internet in the campaign for women's rights.

Morillon writes: "After a wave of repression in the ’80s, Iranian mothers were reticent to let their daughters contest the new order. In contrast, today many support their daughters fighting for equal rights and some older women even get involved themselves. The power of the Internet, accessible to everyone, has removed the class barrier, allowing all woman to receive and exchange information." Yet, she notes that "in recent years. women’s rights have become one of the top subjects targeted by government web censors, along with sites advocating political reform or hosting pornography."

Morillon also tells the stories of several courageous women's right activists, such as Parvin Ardalan and Amir Yaghoub Ali, a member of the Men’s Committee of the One Million Signatures Campaign. Read the full article here.

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