Monday, June 23, 2008

H.Con.Res. 362 Could Be Marked up in Committee

Sources indicated that H.Con.Res. 362 may now be marked up in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, to which it was referred on May 22, 2008, before it is placed on the Suspension calendar for a vote. The legislation is not (yet) on the Suspension calendar for this week, but sources do continue to indicate that a vote is imminent.

A Congressional insider also examined the bill closely and told me that the language is ambiguous and could be construed in either a provocative or a benign way. The source asked, “What does it mean if it doesn’t mean a blockade? There are innocuous ways to interpret it, but why not just make clear what they mean?” The source also said the language depends on how you define a blockade and referred to President John F. Kennedy declaring a "quarantine" during the Cuban Missile Crisis because he was told by lawyers that to declare a "blockade" was clearly an act of war. The source also said the term “departing” in clause 3 is of particular concern.

If the bill will be marked up in the House Foreign Affairs Committee first, it presents an opportunity for Members of Congress to change the provocative language and also go on record regarding their intentions with this legislation.

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Bubba Brutus said...

This Bill's language is the norm not the exception from Congress. It
calls for "imposing stringent Inspection requirements" to show that
Congress, either Democrat or Republican is tough on a perceived
threat, while at the same time providing a plausable deniability in
the whereas clause "nothing in this resolution shall be construed as
an authorization of the use of force against Iran" .

With this Bill Congress can feel they are being tough against Iran
while at the same time NOT supporting the use of force on Iran. Its a
comprimise in deniability and a treacherous disgrace upon the American
people if this Bill becomes law. Bush could conveniently ignore the
whereas clause, enforces a blockade which all soverign Nations consider an act of War, while argueing that he is only acting at the
behest of the law passed by Congress. This is such a disgrace.