Thursday, June 05, 2008

Am I missing something or have things gotten that stupid?

Someone just checked out the INW posting on H.R.6178 and noticed that on Thomas, the short title for the bill reads:

"H.R.6178 Title: To strengthen existing legislation sanctioning persons aiding and facilitating nonproliferation activities by the governments of Iran, North Korea, and Syria, and for other purposes."

Note that the short title says "persons aiding and facilitating nonproliferation activities." Why would we want to sanction those people? I think it should say "proliferation activities."

An INW readers writes: "Am I missing something or have things gotten that stupid?"

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Allan said...

Thanks for this. I thought it was just me. Of course the GOPher chicken hawk idiots would want to "sanction non-proliferation proponents" though. After all, where would the next war for profit come from?