Thursday, May 22, 2008

Udpate on Iran Amendments to Defense Authorization Bill

Of the major amendments proposed on Iran to the Fiscal Year 2009 Defense Authorization Act, only the Spratt amendment was ruled germane by the Committee Rule, which passed on Wednesday, May 21. The House of Representatives is expected to complete debate and vote on the Defense Authorization bill before the Memorial Day recess.

The Spratt (SC) amendment would require the Director of National Intelligence, on an annual basis, to submit to Congress an update of the National Intelligence Estimate entitled "Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities" and dated November 2007. Such update may be submitted in classified form. The President shall notify Congress in writing within 15 days of determining that Iran has met or surpassed any major milestone in its nuclear weapons program or that Iran has undertaken to accelerate, decelerate, or cease the development of any significant element within its nuclear weapons program.

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