Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summary and links to Text of Major Amendments on Iran in the Defense Authorization Bill

Summary and links to Text of Major Amendments on Iran
Submitted to the Rules Committee for the Defense Authorization Bill
As of May 20, 2008 7:59 PM

Franks (AZ) #53
States the Sense of Congress that the Department of Defense should develop and maintain a viable military option to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from successfully developing or deploying a nuclear weapons capability.

Lee (CA) #71 (Ed. note: this amendment could be construed as Iran-related by prohibiting funding for Iraq war to extend beyond Iraq)
(REVISED) Provides that funds appropriated for Operation Iraqi Freedom or otherwise made available to DOD pursuant to an authorization of appropriations may be obligated and expended within Iraq only (1) to protect service members participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom and (2) to accomplish the safe and complete redeployment of service members and contractors pursuant to a plan that provides for their complete redeployment within one year of enactment. Nothing shall prohibit diplomatic efforts or social and economic reconstruction activities in Iraq.

McDermott (WA) #91
States the Sense of Congress that the United States should seek open communication and responsible diplomacy with certain key state actors in order to reduce regional and global tensions.

Spratt (SC) #128
Requires the DNI, on an annual basis, to submit to Congress an update of the National Intelligence Estimate entitled "Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities" and dated November 2007. Such update may be submitted in classified form. The President shall notify Congress in writing within 15 days of determining that Iran has met or surpassed any major milestone in its nuclear weapons program or that Iran has undertaken to accelerate, decelerate, or cease the development of any significant element within its nuclear weapons program.

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