Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Newest on Kyl-Lieberman Amendment

A reliable Hill staffer says "we hear the amendment is now dropping sections 3 and 4." This would certainly make the amendment better, but it does nothing to deal with the cherry-picked quotes in Section (a) of the resolution. The resolution will still be inflamatory, buying into the adminitration's notion of an Iranian proxy war in Iraq and calling for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to be labeled a terrorist organization (H.R. 1400 and S. 970 also call for this measure). The Kyl-Lieberman amendment should be dropped altogether.

UPDATE at 12:22 PM:
The Senate has just resumed debate on the Defense Authorization bill. It is going to first debate the Biden amendment for two minutes and vote. Then the Kyl-Lieberman amendment will be debated for 10 minutes and voted on. There is a new version of the amendment, but I don't have a copy yet.

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