Friday, September 21, 2007

Middle Powers Initiative on Iran

On September 20, the Middle Powers Initiative, a coalition of seven international non-governmental organizations working primarily with “middle power” governments for a nuclear free world, issued an appeal for a diplomatic and peace resolution to the confrontation with Iran.

The appeal calls for direct negotiations between the US and Iran without preconditions. According to the appeal, "To avoid an unpredictable and extremely dangerous escalation arising both from the Iraq war and the nuclear dispute, the United States and Iran, bilaterally and with other concerned countries, must now negotiate on the range of issues dividing them. They include the US military presence in Iraq; Iran’s alleged involvement in supporting Iraqi insurgents; border control issues between Iran and Iraq; US support of regime change in Iran; and Iran’s nuclear program. There should be no preconditions for commencement of negotiations."

The appeal also states that the establishment of weapons of mass destruction free zone in the Middle East, including both Israel and Iran, would be a useful step.

The Middle Powers Initiative statement also says that the United States and other nuclear weapon states can more credibly insist on Iranian compliance with its international obligations if they meet their own nuclear disarmament obligations

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