Thursday, July 12, 2007

Senate Passes Amendment on Iranian Missile Threat

For a bill that was going to focus on the Iraq issue, a fair amount of debate has focused on Iran and Iran bashing.

On July 12, the Senate voted 90 to 5 to pass a modified version of Sen. Sessions (R-AL) amendment No. 2024 to the Fiscal Year 2008 Defense Authorization Act. The amendment states that it should be the policy of the United States to develop and deploy, as soon as technologically possible, an effective defense against “the threat from Iran,” and that any U.S. missile defense system in Europe should be complementary to any missile defense system fielded by NATO.

Click here to view the modified version of the amendment.

Ms. Feinstein, Mr. Leahy, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Tester and Mr. Webb were the only Senators to vote “no” on the amendment.

Mr. Biden, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Obama and Mr. Vitter didn't vote.

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