Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Poll on Iranian Attitudes

The Washington Post is running an article about a new poll conducted for Terror Free Tomorrow.

According to the WP article, "Small majorities of Iranians say their country should develop nuclear weapons and they would live in a safer world if Tehran possessed such arms."

The Post also reported, "In the survey, 52 percent of Iranians said they favor their country developing nuclear weapons, with the same percent saying their world would be safer if Tehran acquires such arms. Fifty-two percent also said it is important that Iran use its oil and gas revenue to develop nuclear arms. Yet that compared with nine in 10 who supported using the money to create jobs, tame inflation, buttress the oil and gas industry and develop nuclear power."

However, on the Terror Free Tomorrow website, the organization says the following about the poll:

"Discontent with the current system of government, the state of Iran’s economy, and isolation from the West is widespread throughout Iran. In this context, nuclear weapons are the lowest priority for the Iranian people. Iranians even overwhelmingly support their government providing full inspections and a guarantee not to develop nuclear weapons in return for trade and assistance from other countries. The popular will to live in a democracy open to the West and the United States, with greater economic opportunity, comes from every region and segment of Iranian society. "

Ken Ballen, president of Terror Free Tomorrow, is quoted in the WP article as saying, "They want an opening to the West and to the United States. And nuclear weapons, given their other concerns, are their lowest priority."

The Terror Free Tomorrow website says it will post the full findings on its website soon.

The poll involved calls to 1,000 random Iranian adults nationwide. Interviews were conducted in Farsi from June 5 to 18. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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The Home of Atilla said...

Hopefully those that want better relations with the West rather then nuclear weapons will be successful in changing the government.