Tuesday, June 26, 2007

State of the Student Movement in Iran

Roula Khalaf has a new article in the Finacial Times on the state of the student movement in Iran. This paragraph is good sum-up, but I suggest reading the whole article.

"Amini-Zadeh, the 'starred' former student leader, tells me such protests show students still have a voice. 'It’s the students who raise violations of human rights and defend the rights of political prisoners. Ahmadi-Nejad was told ’no’ in the most blatant way and it was the first direct challenge to him.' But Amini-Zadeh acknowledges that students need a new cause. 'During the Khatami period the strategy was clear: you have to win elections and try to reform parts of the system. But that turned into a failed strategy. The problem we have now is that we don’t have an alternative. Ahmadi-Nejad is rejected at Amir Kabir but no one says what the alternative is. It’s not just the problem of the student movement but the problem of the whole political system.'"

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