Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Arab and Jewish American Attitudes on Iran

A new Zogby International Poll on Arab sponsored by the Arab American Institute and Americans for Peace reveals that approximately three in four Jewish Americans and Arab Americans think that the U.S. should engage diplomatically with Iran. Respondents expressed strong support (73% of Jewish Americans and 79% of Arab Americans) for serious U.S. diplomatic engagement with Iran rather than preparing for military action (Table 6). The full poll and results are here. The poll included seven questions on various issues, but the relevant question on Iran and results are below:

Table 6: U.S. Policy toward Iran
Which of the following two statements best reflects your view regarding U.S. policy towards Iran?
Statement A: Diplomacy with Iran is a waste of time and the US needs to prepare now for military action.
Statement B: It is vital that the US engage in serious diplomacy with Iran and the international community, which could prevent another war.

Statement A
Jewish American 21
Arab American 16

Statement B
Jewish American 73
Arab American 79

Jewish American 4
Arab American 3

Not Sure
Jewish American 2
Arab American 2

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