Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Iran Sends Signal of How They Wish to be Treated

For those who have been monitoring the capture of 15 British soldiers in the disputed waters in the Northern Gulf, the peaceful settlement of the issue today demonstrates further evidence of how Iran is saying it wants to be treated by the international community. If the international community sits down and negotiates with Iran, the country will respond in kind. Perhaps the US should learn a lesson from this most recent experience. While there is no excuse for bellicose behavior from any party, whether the Iranians, British or Americans, my point is that Iran changed its behavior in the process when the British calmed their rhetoric and said they were willing to negotiate in this instance. This case demonstrates that strong, determined diplomacy can work and this is precisely the path that should be pursued in dealing with Iran on other issues, including Iraq security, the Israel-Palestine issue and Iran's nuclear program.

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