Thursday, April 12, 2007

Democratic Presidential Candidates on Iran

In a MoveOn virtual Townhall meeting on Iraq this week, here's what some of the Democratic Presidential Candidates had to say about Iran:

Senator Clinton
"Fourthly, we need to convene an international conference; it is time we bring other countries together to help forge a stable future for Iraq. I have long advocated engagement with countries in the region including Iran and Syria, and I applaud speaker Pelosi and her delegation for going to the region, as I applaud the Republican delegation that did likewise. We have to start a process to deal with those countries."

Senator Obama
"Well, I’ve been saying for a year that we have to realize that the entire Middle East has a huge stake in the outcome of Iraq, and that we have to engage neighboring countries in finding a solution. Now, I believe that includes opening dialogue both Syria and Iran. We know these countries want us to fail… I’m under no illusions there, but I also know that neither Syria nor Iran want to see a security vacuum in Iraq filled with chaos, and terrorism, and refugees and violence, since those could have a destabilizing effect on the entire region, including within their own countries."

Senator Dodd
“Well, I believe the President should seek authority from Congress in advance of taking military action against Iran or any other state for that matter. Now, under extreme circumstances, unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, I think it would be appropriate for the President, any President, to act to repel an attack in our country or armed forces that are legally positioned around the world.”

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