Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update to Posting on Prospects for H.Con.Res. 362 and S.Res. 580

I want to draw INW readers' attention to an update today to the posting entitled "Prospects for H.Con.Res. 362 and S.Res. 580," published on August 12. I received additional information from a brilliant source that I thought would be relevant to understanding the circumstances surrounding the resolutions. Below is the new information added into the posting. My deepest gratitude to Lara Friedman for all her work on this issue!

Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN), the original sponsor of S.Res. 580 is putting pressure to move the resolution forward. On July 31, Senator Bayh's staff circulated an email to all of the co-sponsors of the resolution asking them to sign off on changes to make the the resolution less controversial and thus help it move forward. In the email, Senator Bayh's staff writes:

"As you know, your boss is a cosponsor of S. Res. 580. While we are working with leadership and SFRC to move the bill, we are aware that it has several fixes that need to be made. Among them are two that we need your boss’ ok on before proceeding.
1) On page 6 line 5, strike 'importation' and insert in its place 'exportation'.
2) On page 6 line 5, strike 'banning' and insert in its place 'encouraging foreign governments to ban'.
These revisions will not change the resolution’s intent, nor would they change the tenor of the bill. They are simply technical fixes we’d like to make if we’re able.

We’d like to do this without reintroducing the bill, either on the floor or with SFRC assistance. "

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