Thursday, July 10, 2008

Giving Neocons the Fingar

Bob Dreyfuss has a great posting on The Dreyfuss Report, his blog on The Nation's website. Dreyfuss writes:

"Yesterday afternoon, as guests balanced buffet lunches on their knees, one of America's top intelligence official made some provocative and fascinating comments about the current US-Iranian impasse.

What he said was like a thumb in the eye to neoconservatives and assorted other sabre-rattlers.

The official was Thomas Fingar, director of the National Intelligence Council and deputy director for analysis at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. In effect, Fingar is the nation's top intelligence analyst. Previously, he headed the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research, one of the few (very few) US intelligence agencies to have mostly gotten Iraq right in 2002, when the CIA and Pentagon agencies were hyperventilating about the threat of Iraqi WMDs...

First, Fingar insisted that the United States has to take Iran's legitimate security concerns into account. 'Iran,' he said, 'like the classic 'even paranoids have enemies' idea, lives in a tough neighborhood. It has reason to feel insecure.'

Part of the reason for Iran's insecurity, he said, was the fact that the United States has armies in Iraq and Afghanistan. 'Recognizing that Iran has real security needs is a good starting point' for US policy, he said. 'We are part of the reason why Iran feels insecure.'"

Fingar also spoke about Iran's recent missile tests, how Iran is tied to energy supplies and hegemonic control of the Gulf.

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