Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quote of the Day

Here is one of my favorite quotes by a hojatollah-e-Islam we met with in Iran:

"'In God We Trust' is on your money, but it is on our hearts."


saggezard said...

It is very common for mullahs to try to come up with one liners, it is almost a cultural characteistic of being an Iranian to say nice interesting things or tricky things (as the Iranians call it: Dast endakhtan) to prove their inteligence or superiority in social situation or just simply for assuring acceptance. In regard to the very intersting quote, in my opinion they need you, that's why they say such nice things to you. The people they rule are disposable though, they treat them like serfs.

Carah Ong said...

I never said I agree with the quote. I thought it was a pretty condescending thing to say actually.