Monday, February 04, 2008

Iranian Americans Favor US-Iran Diplomacy

The Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley has released a new research report, "Political Attitudes and Patterns of PoliticalParticipation of Iranian Americans in California," by IGS Research Specialist Dariush Zahedi in collaboration with Susan Rasky of the Graduate School of Journalism. The report outlines the results of a recent survey of the Iranian-American community. Most respondents believe that the United States should establish diplomatic relations with Iran and very few support strategic bombing of Iran's nuclear targets.

According to the report:

"Indeed, even though the survey was conducted prior to the recent release of [the National Intelligence Estimate] NIE, the majority of all respondents (66%) believe that the US should establish diplomatic relations with Iran. Significantly, the preponderance of Iranian Americans today, in contrast to Iraqi Americans in 2003, is adamantly opposed to war. Only 13% maintain that the US should engage in strategic bombing of Iran's nuclear targets, while 8% favor the bombing of Iranian military and oil installations."

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