Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Regime Change Manual and a Call for Military Action

While questions remain regarding exactly how the $60 million Congress appropriated for the regime change slush fund in 2008 (aka, the so-called "democracy promotion" fund for Iran in the Foreign Operations bill) will be allocated, Freedom House, a known recipient of these funds last year has published a new manual through its Gozaar project. According to, the Non-Violent Struggle: 50 Crucial Points, teaches Iranians how to organize and manage urban riots to destabilize the Iranian government.

Meanwhile, Norman Podhoretz, the "father of neoconservatism," has published a new commentary arguing that the case for military action against Iran still stands.

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saggezard said...

The link on the following does not work: How Domestic Organizations Monitor Elections. Please tell me the correct URL