Thursday, August 10, 2006

Iran and the Midterm Elections

This week on IRC Right Web, Council for a Livable President John Isaacs explores whether or not the midterm elections will spell an end to military escapades, particularly in the Middle East.

In his analysis, Isaacs writes:

“For more than five years, the Bush administration's aggressive and unilateral national security policies have been triumphant in the United States. But the increasing realization that the United States is enmeshed in a quagmire in Iraq, a faltering struggle in Afghanistan, unresolved crises over Iranian and North Korean nuclear ambitions, and the latest crisis in the Middle East has brought these policies into serious question.

Indeed, the results of the November 2006 midterm elections may put a final stake in the heart of George W. Bush's muscular foreign policies. If so, the desire of neoconservatives to spread “democracy” to Iran and Syria the same way they have in Iraq might die, too.”

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